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Nov. 29, 2008

I read C. Tremblay's blog. I have met Gordon Savery and he is very friendly with children. I didn't like the way he was looking at my daughter, but I shrugged it off as me being an overprotective parent. I am disgusted to see that my gut instinct was right. He should have the word 'pedophile' tattooed on his forehead. I agree with C. Tremblay: we want to keep our children safe and away from perverts like Gordon Savery. He is a handyman and people give him access to their homes. It's outrageous that the innocent are not protected.
- frankwills
Does anyone know what year the town was founded?
- JoelFaust

Nov. 20, 2008

Collingwood is a great place to live, work and play. Those of us that do are fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of such a great community, one inwhich so many more ant to come.
- rickcrouch

Nov. 17, 2008

I am looking for a native tarot reader in Messine who is apparently excellent and have not been successful in getting his coordinates. If anyone can be of help it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
- damplyn

Nov. 16, 2008

My great grandfather homesteaded two 640 acres plots. the family name was Hiemstra. They came around 1906. He was born in Holland. He sold part of his property to the Canadian Northern Railway, and he also had a contract to grade and lay gravel for a road.

I will need to look up/remind myself of his first name.

Three generations of my family lived on that land which included 12 cows, 50 horses. He grew wheat.

Does anyone know this family name? Are there any pictures of Saskatoon (I believe that was the city closest to their property?) around 1906 or after? Does anyone have pictures of Edam around 1906 or thereafter. The school? The general store? Apparently there was a fire in 1912 due to a lamp catching things on fire.

Would love to hear from any and all: please reply

I am currently trying to put together our family history for posterity and seek information/pictures/anything
thank you for your help to me and my family
patricia davis, seattle, age 60
- hiemstra

Nov. 12, 2008

Planning committee meeting for ?Come Home to the River ? McNamee 2009? homecoming is open to the public.

Planning committee members have opened their November meeting to the public. The purpose is to inform central New Brunswick residents of the progress made in planning next summers homecoming event. The ?Come Home to the River ? McNamee 2009? homecoming is planned for August 14-16, 2009. Seven river communities stretched along this part of the Miramichi River in Central New Brunswick have banded together in planning the largest homecoming reunion ever to be experienced in the area. Events are being planned to coincide with large family reunions also being held. The Price Family reunion and the Stewart-Orr Family reunion will be held on weekends before and after the McNamee 2009 homecoming event.

When: November 29, 2008. Saturday 1:30 PM?4:30 P.M.
Who: Interim Chairman Lorne Amos
Secretary ? Sharon Clark
Treasurer ? Viola Savage
Volunteer Coordinator ? Euphemia Black
Where: Orange Lodge, McNamee Road at Stewart?s Hill, McNamee, NB
- rogerclowater

Nov. 8, 2008

Here it is a small hamelet with a mininite church, small grocey store called T/S, a shut down school and a bunch of older houses. It is a nice community for kids cause you have lots of space for them to play around unlike a city. Here you also can get large dogs in the town. No traffic jams here. Nice community with lots of nice people.We have activities every year like new Dayton Christmas get together where santa drops in for a visit. Right now we are selling lots for a growing hamlet. A nice community with nice land are and people.
- Sadatoy

Nov. 6, 2008

A new school is being built in McNamee. Read about it at
- rogerclowater

Nov. 5, 2008

Hi. My name is Ian Snead. It seems that I may have relatives out there in Ontario, specificially Barrie Island. I live in the UK and am currently researching my family tree. It seems I may be related to a Robert Snead that married a Jane Lee. I think Jane Lee was Canadian. Robert emigrated to Canada, but we thought it was the US. It was an old family story. Can you help? All my Snead ancesters came from Goole, Yorkshire, UK. It seems Robert was born in 1824 in Goole. I believe that he was the brother of my great great grandfather... George (I think). There's a George in 1841 son of an Ann Snead born in 1790ish. I guess the mother of George and Robert. If anyone out there is a Snead or knows the story, please help.
- sneady1

Nov. 3, 2008

There is only one Miramichi place to be - and that would be sailing from Hayesville to the foot bridge !!!
- sylamos

Oct. 31, 2008

I am Howard Clair. My father name was Walter Raymond.
He was born in Island Falls ME about 1897. His father name was John Clair b 1875. Mother Amenda Vantessell .

Ananda family was the John Gaskins.

I am still working on some more stuff.
- howardclair
history of Newlands and other ghost towns between the Fraser River and Willow River
- linlaw

Oct. 27, 2008

an awesome community. I spent nearly 10 years there and they were the best years of my life.
- gatky56

Oct. 24, 2008

I have been trying to find out about realty in Isle aux morte....!!! I would like to buy something for a cottage. I lived there when I was little and I would love for my family to have some memories of there too.
If anyone can help me out on where to look please do so!

- lynneddy
Delburne is a regular sleepy Alberta village, it is nice and peaceful. Downtown Delburne is about a 3 minte walk from anywhere in the village. It is approx. 20-25 minutes east of Red Deer.
- kwizzo

Oct. 20, 2008

My grandfather, John C Wickwire, spent time on this island as a newly graduated physician in 1927. I have photos and a journal (and taped interviews I made with him about this). Would love to know more about the project in which he was involved.
In addition to serving as the community doctor, he kept track of the weather.
- wickwire

Oct. 17, 2008

This is our blog:

We live in, and write about, Melancthon.
- dbd33

Oct. 15, 2008

Seven river communities stretched along this part of the Miramichi River in New Brunswick have banded together in planning the largest homecoming reunion ever to be experienced in the area. ?Come Home to the River? festivities are planned for August 14-16, 2009 in McNamee.

McNamee, Carroll Crossing, O?Donnell Town, New Bandon, Ludlow, Porter Cove and Priceville.

The impetus for ?Come to the River? began as a topic on a Facebook? group created by Irva Larsen one of the committee members. The group ?McNamee on the Mighty Miramichi Facebook? group has over 250 members and it is expected there will be over 500 people attending the homecoming?, said Larsen. The Volunteer Coordinator is Euphemia O?Donnell-Black. Volunteers who wish to be involved with ?Come Home to the River ? McNamee 2009? are invited to contact O?Donnell-Black at 506-369-9105 or through email

For information:
Roger Clowater
Cell (905) 751-7960
- rogerclowater
Eskasoni is a beautiful rez
- bridget2008
Part two re: Pat Falloon,

In regards to my blog entry previously I would like someone to foward this to Mr.Falloon. I also would like him to know that my Grandson " Pat " the one who is the recipient of all my cards now plays Ice hockey in Mt.Laurel N.J. under the watchful eyes of Coach Sudsy Settlemeyer former trainer and all around do everything type of guy for the Phila.Flyers. The cards were mailed with a Manitoba Postmark so I am sure Mr. Falloon found them mixed up with some other paper work and sent them out. Please foward my thanks and surprise. John McCleary,Levittown,Pa.
- schultzie8
Wow,I went out of my way a little to find out a way to contact and thank Pat Falloon for the two signed hockey cards he sent to me just today.The really great thing was is that I sent these to him in 1999 when he was a active NHL'er.I was newly un employed due to hurricane Floyd and I was feeling sorry for myself and decided th get a hobby.I started sending cards out to players for autographs and was going to give them to my Grandson that I was babysitting for at the time.I normally sent a stamped self addressed envelope along with the cards.Pat was a Flyer and living here in Levittown,Pa.I was a fan of his.So 9 years later they arrive and I believe the problem was I forgot to put a stamp on this envelope.All kinds of faded Postal messages were on it so it either took a long time to get through the process or Pat Falloon found it in a pile of letters he was going through. John McCleary
- schultzie8

Oct. 13, 2008

Hello to Everyone: I am in my early 50's and am beginning to think about retirement. I am interested in finding a year round trailer resort in Minesing or surrounding area. Does anyone know of a resort in Minesing or the surrounding area. I was told that there is one (not sure if it is year round) in the Innisfil area.

Thanks everyone, Theresa
- tthomson

Oct. 8, 2008

Well my family and I moved there in 1970 and built a place out by Diamond Lake just off the Gordon Lake road area. I moved away when I was 18 I sure do miss the farm life.
- Hammer

Oct. 7, 2008

its a nice place but it needs a bit of life...
- michael7924
Looking for any information on grandmother who came from webbwood, late 1890's or early 1900. Her name was myrtle wood....she married George O'neill in Sault Ste Marie.....Are there any family left? Just looking for names of her parents, brothers or sisters? Trying to do family tree for my grandchildren. Can be contacted at my name is Maureen Laliberte (O'neill)
- stressfree
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