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May. 30, 2008

Trying to find out information about the event on June 1 (a fair or something?) Would like to come over from Virden for a fun day!
- cornergaskim
I grew up in Dalhousie through the 40s and early 50s. I think it had to have been one of the best childhoods possible. We lived in the safety of a small town and we children could roam from one end of town to the other, coming home when we got hungry or were just worn out with our adventures. It was not unusual for a bunch of kids to be dropped off or to walk to the Inch Arran beach with a peanut butter and jam sandwich in a bread bag and a bottle of KIK Orange and to spend the whole day there, with no adult supervision. We had wonderful summers, awesome autumns, winters full of sliding and skating and building snow forts, and springs that were full of rushing water as the tons of snow melted and ran down the streets into the sewers. We were very lucky children.
- Fernie

May. 28, 2008

My name is Susan J. Plamondon. I was born to Ralph and Harriet Plamondon on April 8, 1947: I was born in Astoria,Oregon. My father was born in Tumwater Oregon to Frances and Josephine Plamondon:
I would like to know more about the history of Plamondon, Alberta: Perphaps trace my relatives to Plamondon. Alberta: I was told my relatives came from Canada and that I was related to Simon Plamondon: I don't know if my line came from Simon's french wife or one of his Indian wives: Please e-mail any information: Thank-you Susan Josephine Plamondon
- Susan1
Hey is anyone there. I am writing from Detroit Michigan.I just read an article that Dan Cleary is from your town and could be the first person from NF and Riverhead to win the Stanley Cup. It was a great article and it will happen.I got to visit up in Nova Scotia a few years ago but could not afford the petrol or time to get to you folks. Watch the boys tonight and remember GO WINGS.
- rhuminski

May. 25, 2008

Hi, I'm Sandro, from Italy. I'd like to know something about Elnora, but the reason why i'll tell further. For now, I wanna see if this bog is working. Bye.
- sandromerendi

May. 23, 2008

Looking for the camp on Sand lake... La Vacationaire,, spelling may not be correct.. Would love to fish 9 mile, Devlon etc. again,, Can't find who to contact,,,, Any help appreciated,, e-mail address

Thank you
- rformet

May. 20, 2008

I lived in Aylmer from 1956 to 1965

I lived on main st .ust above the bamboo gardens from 1956 to 1958 then moved down to james Street in Jubelea .

I went to labelle schooul grade 1 then Limoge grades 2-5 then to English school st.marks . I went to St,\. Josephs High School in 8C Mr Rowen with my borther Bill Mallette .\, Ricky Pittaway , Pat Normwoyle , Dixie Normwoyle , Dave Murphy , Cecil Bertrand , Wendy Workman , Lump Collins ,

Left and never came back to my friends , My sister Linda Mallette was the last one there . She now lives in Kanata , Bill lives in Orangeville and I'm in Milton .

Best memories hay rides at st. josephs High School , Barn dances adn skating on the Ottawa River .
- beaver5court
anybody know anything about a Murder Mystery Dinner on the 23rd somewhere in St.Clair Beach/Tecumseh? Who do I contact?
- mpatrick

May. 16, 2008


- Keswick

May. 15, 2008

Would like to know what I should bring and what are the major expenses I should be aware of
- sylvia25

May. 13, 2008

A great scenic area for family and employment
- beautiful
Hello there. We are new to town and looking for activities.
Is there a mens hockey league? What is a good fitness club that is not overly expensive. Is there a dry cleaner that launders shirts for a reasonable price?
- newtotown

May. 10, 2008

I'm not sure what the white stuff is, but I am told that while you can't swim in the lake, there is ling cod and jack fish that are edible. I am still looking in to this myself.
- Tristan77

May. 9, 2008

I have never been to Trois Pistoles, but here goes. In my mind, Trois Pistoles is a little town where everybody knows each other and the people are friendly to strangers. The people speak French, but if you are nice, the people won't mind if you don't know the language. Since Trois Pistoles is located near Gaspe National Park, Matane Provincial Park and the Notre Dame Mountains, there are lots of trees, running streams and wild animals. You might even see a black bear or a coyote by the side of the road, but you have to look out for deer if you're driving on the Navigator's Route. You wouldn't want to hit one. How's that?
- capitain

May. 6, 2008

2008 Joust A Family Faire will take place on July 12 & 13 at the Cartier Community Center. There will be jousting, sword fights, archery, steed racing, dance and general merriment. All weapons will be of the foam padded kind and the steeds will be of the hobby/stick breed. For more info. email
- lordraegon

May. 2, 2008

We found a black lab in Shawville, Quebec it's raby tags come from Dr. Perron. We've contacted mr. Perron and we can only contact it back to the breeder who now has no record of the owner. The dog is said to have been born August, 16 2004. Dogs name is said to be Gonzo, very quiet and nice dog if anyone knows of who the owner might be i would appreciate someone contacting me. We can hold the dog till friday and if we hear nothing till then we will have no choice but to bring it to the humane society :( please help me find the rightful owners :) contact Cindy 819-648-5259

Labrador noir trouver, tres gentils.. on a tracer jusqua son veterinaire dr. perron, Gonzo le chien est ne the 16 Aout, 2004 on chercher son proprietaire, svp appeler Cindy 819-648-5259
- Cindy22

Apr. 28, 2008

I love Granisle. I would like to buy a house out there and maybe even open up a bait shop. I lived there for three yeas. That was back in the late 70's. Luckily I had the chance to go out there last March. I didn't want to leave. It's so beautiful.
- Danni
I was about 3 when my parents left Granisle. I have vague memories about it. I had the chance to go back there in March 2008. I fell in love with the place.I wan to buy a house there., It would be nice to see the community thrive all over again
- Danni
Paradise Hill is a very beautiful town.It is peaceful,people are very freindly and the countryside is just beautiful.Lots of fishing nearby,great skidoo country as well as it offers a lot of community events.
- chereu

Apr. 19, 2008

hello ,,anyone out there?
i was in Northwest River in 1962 and loved the place. i have so many storiers to tell.
i was stationed at the usaf site not far from there,,,called north west point.

had a great time
- talldave143

Apr. 13, 2008

To anyone that might be interested. My maiden name is Gerrard. I have been told by relatives in British Columbia that this Town named Gerrard is from my family history. I have always wanted to visit Gerrard and hopefully this August I shall be seeing the Town finally. I reside on Vancouver Island with my family. If anyone has any interesting facts and knowledge about this Town I would be interested to know. Thanks, Debbie(Gerrard)
- Paderno

Apr. 12, 2008

Livingston was my Great-Uncle, would like to come check it out, what's the most practicle form of transportation to do this?
- mynhair

Apr. 10, 2008


Ma belle m?re Pauline Cotte habitait Pincher Creek
dans les ann?es 1920, elle est rentr?e en France ainsi que
toute la famille apr?s la crise de 1929.


Andr? Convers
Louveciennes - France
- Convers

Apr. 8, 2008

I've heard there is some bit of a celebration for the Beachburg Cemetery.
Does anyone have any further informatin?
- dixie1505
This is where my family came when the arrived in Canada in 1835. I am searching any family records I can find especially those of BMD information. There were 9 children of James and Mary (Doherty) CARLIN/CARLING. Many are buried at Calumet Cemetery. I would hope to find dates and possible locations of birth in Ireland.
- margaretmoore
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