Jun. 26, 2007

Does anyone out there have photos of Trois-Pistoles to share? Or do you know where on the web I might see photos of this town? My dad was born there in 1903 and I would like to see what the place looks like now or looked like in 1903.

It would be very helpful for my genealogy research. Are there any Roy's in the area? My dad's name was Charles E. Roy. His father had same name and his mom was Anna Rioux. They immigrated to the U.S. when my dad was only 2 yrs. old and settled in Berlin, N.H. USA.

Thank you for any suggestions you may have. Pls. send emails to me at Please use Trois Pistoles on Subject line.

Merci Beaucoup
- Estelle

Jun. 21, 2007

good place

good lake
- wilmer
I'm new here and have been living out on wood Lake.The winter was cold and long.. Not so bad this year so they say. Alot of picture oppertunity. The snow fell for what felt like every day.Fresh snow on the trees along the highways, frozen walls of granite looking as if they were chuncks of blue coloured glass. They talked about the comming of the bugs like it was nuclear disaster. The preperations and precations to take. These people are serious about their bugs. And so they were right my son's face was so swelled up from the black flies I was embassed to take him into town..People whispered and recalled when they had the chicken pox...I didn't offer to tell them the facts. The Muskoka room took on a whole new importace in one of the nessary had to haves in the purchase of our new home. It was a mad dash to get from indoors to the some what safety of your vehical. Now living right in town enjoying the many beaches here ,the summer time looks like its going to be so much more enjoyable.
- smileitsmine
woud like to find out what the jobs are like there and more about the we ars looking to move there and buy a home.thank you.
- speedy
Looking for information about Dungannon and it's Citizens. Starting a Project About Dungannon. E-mail me at
- Adrian1950

Jun. 20, 2007

Je cherche des informations sur la famille Diamond et la famille Cotte qui ont habit? ? Pincher Creek au d?but du si?cle (1900-1930).

- RachelBastien

Jun. 19, 2007

A great place to grow up 30 years ago
- psds81
Is living in Birken heavenly or hellish? How is the commute to Whistler. Potentiall moving to this area soon.
- Jennigirl
looking for Charlotte Pitre or Marie Pitre in cemetery
- ladydi

Jun. 18, 2007

New Entery.
Visited Dungannon June 15 2007, one day before the Big Tractor Pull which is approx 16 years since the last visit. The Village looked deserted like a ghost town. Buildings deserted and boarded. The odd car travelling through.
The next day would be different with the Tractor Pull as many people will be there to enjoy the event. Would have liked to stay to see it, however my wife was not feeling well so we headed back to Windsor that night.
I did have a change to take some photographs that I will post in the near future.
If you would like to contact me and share some information , stories ect., my E-mail Address is
- Adrian1950
Need to talk to Kennedys from Balcarres area. You have a brother who wants to meet you. cj
- cjomason
I was born in Woodstock and lived there until I was 9.
I will always remember my childhood friends that I had there, and the special times with my dad.
Swimming lessons at the YMCA, eating at A&W (served in our Volkswagen Beetle), visiting my neighbors who will always be special to me, the swans at the park, and Springbank Public School.
And who could forget the cow statue!!!
My list goes on and on.....
I still miss Woodstock and it will always have a huge chunk of my heart!
- Mizzybee

Jun. 16, 2007

This is my very first Blog . My main interest here is to post about Dungannon Ontario and have other people contact me about Dungannon past, pressent and future plans.
I have a very special interest in Dungannon in that I visited this great Village many times between the Mid Sixties through the Mid Seventies having grandparents living there and met a very special person Miss Diana May Rivett. Will update.
- Adrian1950
Nice place
- cord
All my siblings were born in Anyox, B.C.
- Hugh
is there any chance that is a lot avalable in Keoma
as i have a new home ,but have to find land to put it on
thanx sincerely Ben Abramson
403 948-2147 or
- abramson

Jun. 14, 2007

Haunted Picton...

We are publishing a book with public haunted locations. If you know some we would like to hear about it.

If you have a story send:

Location of story complete with address(town/city)
The story of the haunting
History of the site if known

- HauntedBookOntario
We are publishing a book with public haunted locations. If you know some we would like to hear about it.

If you have a story send:

Location of story complete with address(town/city)
The story of the haunting
History of the site if known

- HauntedBookOntario
Know a Haunted Public Location near you??

We want to hear about it. We are publishing a book of haunted public locations in Ontario.

Give us the story of the Haunted place
The name of the location
Address complete with town/city
history of location (opt/possible)


- HauntedBookOntario
We are publishing a book on Haunted Public Locations in Ontario. If you know one we would like to hear about it, to possiblly add it to our book.

Please send:

Place that is said to be haunted (location /address)
complete story of haunting
History of building (opt).


Thanks! we will be in the Brighton Area June15/16
- HauntedBookOntario
To whom it may concern:

Every year for the past 3 years we have or been able to get a space as and vendor for the Ridgeway Festival.We get no reply from e-mails or ansewer to the telephone number given. Frustrating....

We would dearly love to be a vendor but with no avail.
Who can we contact?

Time is running out!!!!!

B Breedon
- Lyndy

Jun. 13, 2007

The photograph pictured as a postcard shows my house the second from the is rumoured that it was moved from Stoney Island, I am wondering if anyone knows anything about that?? It has a widows watch on the east...side which would make sense if the house was moved as it does not over look the water from where the house stands at this time. When in the attic 2 summers ago we found alot of old classroom books from early 1900's...very interesting....
- lalston
great and very nice people
- pond

Jun. 12, 2007

It's a home away from home. Quiet, peaceful. I have met a lot of nice friendly people. Outdoor activities, hiking, fishing abounds the area.
Am looking for a garbage disposal bin to rent to empty out a house to take things to the local landfill site. Does the town of Harriston have such a system? We would like to have the dumpster brought in on a Friday and removed on a Monday and we would fill it with all the garbage over the weekend. Need to empty out a house that has been sold and have no way of getting things to the dump. Any suggestions anyone??? Thanks
- debrah

Jun. 8, 2007

Tisdale is home of the largest honeybee
- Cheesy
i love fonthill it is so great!!!! fenick ain't so good. but now, fonthill. ooooh ses perfectamundo!!!
- Alanneii

Jun. 7, 2007

G'Day All,

Katie Moss & her dad, from Melbourne Australia, will be passing through Bella Coola on Wednesday 12th June.
Wish her a Happy Birthday & send her my love. : )

Hoo Roo,
- Tom7777

Jun. 5, 2007

Seems like this should be a good site, but is difficult to access.
- Val

Jun. 4, 2007

We're moving to Ontario from Vancouver and are thinking about buying in the old part of Unionville. But what about all the festivals and having so many people around almost every weekend? Do the locals resent this? Is there conflict between the merchants/residents and politicians over this issue?

thanks for any insights.
- plm
Just wondering if anyone has any pictures to share of the landscape of ferryland, i am planning a trip out there next week.Thanks
- bythunderin

Jun. 3, 2007

I spent two years in the town of Codette, I loved meeting the people and having them be so friendly, warm, helpful and accepting. I learned that, that is how people should treat people everywhere and I endevor every day to teach others the secrets of a happy community. Thank you to all and I hope to some day visit you all again.
- Codetterules
Hi, I'm looking for a girl who i used to know,(she used to be my girlfriend! ) she lived in Minesing about 15-20 yrs ago, Not sure if she still does? Her name was Angela Parliament back then, she'd be about 28 ish now. Any help would be very much appreciated as it would be great to get in touch again, Thanks Andrew
- Andrew73

Jun. 2, 2007

We retired in McKellar 4 years ago and have not regretted one moment - We do enjoy our winters in Florida, but I am looking forward to spending a winter in the North
- parrysound

Jun. 1, 2007

Val Marie is a wonderful place full of a lot of nice people,
I have spend time there periodicly over the last 30 years and
have always enjoyed the bueatiful landscape surrounding
this area. The Grasslands National Park is really something to see if you enjoy nature in its narural state.
- KJ
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